In 2007, we started as an aviation importing company in New Zealand called Love4Aviation. Love4aviation quickly became a leading marketing and trading agency solely dedicated to the GA sector. Among its team, Love4aviation has more than a Century of aviation knowledge in many fields including Military aviation, Private Aviation, sports aviation and ultra-light, sailplanes and skydiving. Love4aviation operates locally in Australia, France and New Zealand and in a few different languages, and deals on a daily basis with different civil aviation authorities and there specific regulations. Therefore, the Modus Operandi of the company is: cooperation.

The personality of the company reflects the one of pilots and engineers: insatiably curious, remaining responsive to change, have the courage to change course when needed, remain constructively discontent, being accountable for our actions and inactions, reward our people for taking risks and finding better ways to solve problems, learning from outcomes — what worked and what didn’t. With a deep-rooted love for aviation, we were able to create a brand based on exceptional service. Love4Aviation birthed Ubinodes.

In our years as Love4Aviation, we were able to expand the business to all corners of the world, working with companies in the US, UK, Germany, and France. In the process we discovered that our passion exceeded the aviation industry.

We have partnered with a lot of manufacturers and businesses, here is a sample, in alphabetical order:

  • Aerodif (France).
  • Airmaster (New Zealand).
  • Alpaero (France).
  • Chabord (France).
  • Confection Sèvre Vendée (France).
  • ContourHD (USA).
  • Cumulus Company (France).
  • Dynamic Aircraft (France).
  • Electravia (France).
  • Falcomposite (New Zealand).
  • Fly Synthesis (Australia).
  • ISEI Safetyplane (France).
  • JMB Aircraft VL3 (Czech Republic).
  • Leading Edge Aviation (New Zealand).
  • Lisa Airplanes (France).
  • Mach 7 (France).
  • Peske propellers (Poland).
  • Scai-Tech exhaust (France).
  • SE Aviation (France).
  • Sensenich propellers (USA).
  • ULM Technologie (France).
  • VedaloHD (USA).
  • Woopy Fly (Switzerland).

Social Media.

Below are the social apps we’ve been using since 2007.

Maintained by the team.

Still regularly updated. You can contact us using these apps:

  • Instagram. Username: love4aviation_official

Maintained by the community.

The team is not managing these apps any more, community members are now administrators and editors:

Online but not updated.

Content we published is still online but we are not updating it, usually because we moved to other medium. For example for Youtube, we currently find that Instagram has become a better suited medium for us since our videos are short. However, we may revert decision in the future depending on our needs. We still use Vimeo though, because when we need a link to a video, we can’t do it with Instagram.

Content removed.

We have no plan to use these apps in the future and it seemed best to remove the content altogether.


Hotel8: 2016. A music video made of footage given by aviators and aviatrix from all around the world.

GolfSeven: 2015. A music video made of footage given by aviators and aviatrix from all around the world.

FoxtrotSix: 2015. A music video made of footage given by aviators and aviatrix from all around the world.

EchoFive: 2015. A music video made of footage given by aviators and aviatrix from all around the world.

DeltaFour: 2009. Video removed. Ultralights in France.

CharlyThree: 2009. Video removed. A music Video with footage of Alpha Jet and Mirage 2000.

BravoTwo: 2011. Video removed. It was a video quizz. You could see only some instruments during an aerobatic session and the goal was to guess which simple figures were done by the plane.

AlphaOne: 2009. Video removed. It was a tour of New Zealand’s aviation community. The video was 12 minuets long, showing many landscapes and aviators.


A very professional organisation, unobtrusive, including during follow-ups. Bravo!, many competitors should be inspired. Hard to tell good things on 3 lines only…


Top notch fosterling for the demo flight at Blois Airshow. Outstanding aircraft, fast and responsive.


Very impressed with the Products and the friendly, efficient service and backup.


We have an EAA chapter meeting next week to celebrate the completion of the build, we shall raise a toast to you for the quality of your service.


It has been a delight to deal with such a professional company. Nothing was too much trouble and I would recommend you and your company to anyone.

Boyd MAY

The flight experience is impressive, would it be at low speed where the aircraft retains its stability or high cruise, with or without autopilot. Comfort, controls’ sensitivity, responsiveness, everything contributes to a pleasant and safe flight. A very nice aeroplane.


Thanks for your help during install and your continuing interest after the sale.


I’ve been impressed by the aircraft’s stability and short field landing capability at high angle of approach; a good point seems to be the strength of the landing gear, rather not common on these kind of aeroplanes.


Everything was very well organised, information provided quickly, no improvements to suggest.


The support you have given us has been outstanding and your spares holding has enabled overnight replacement and minimised aircraft ground time. Well done guys, thank you.